Thomas A. Ivey
Department of Mathematics
College of Charleston
Charleston, SC  29424
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Office: #4 Greenway, Rm. 301    Phone: 843-953-5730         
e-mail: i v e y t "at" c o f c "dot" e d u

Professional Information  My research areas are differential geometry and partial differential equations,
especially evolution equations, integrable systems, and exterior differential systems. For more information, see my
curriculum vitae
(in PDF form), my publications, or the book Cartan for Beginners, which I published with J.M. Landsberg in October 2003.

Course Information    
I am currently on leave from the College of Charleston, while working as a program officer at the National Science Foundation.

For information on Hons 390: Mathematics in Music, which I taught in Spring 2009, click here.
On this same topic, I gave a public lecture in March 2013 at St. Jerome's University in Waterloo, Ontario.
See the video here.

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